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Ever since we launched the first Power Taper shooting head in 1991, Guideline has been a pioneer in the development of modern salmon fishing, which most today know as Scandinavian style or just Scandi. Flylines with first three densities, and now four, are typical examples where Guideline has taken the design of modern fly lines one step further. Salmon anglers's main piece of gear is the line and the right density to present the fly where the fish is located is the first and most important priority.

Multi Tip fly lines have become very popular over the last years and our 4D Multi Tip system is totally customizable, with endless opportunities to match the given fishing situation perfectly with your choice of tip and body density. Through our new ULS concept, the trout fisherman now also has the opportunity to fish in the same effective way. In our range of WF lines you will find models that suit different fishing situations, casting styles and skill levels.

Shooting lines are an important part of your equipment and we offer several types of lines with different characteristics and in different materials. Beside personal preferences, the shooting line shall fit and balance the shooting head for effective fishing under different conditions. Our range of backing cover both classic Dacron with good hand feel and nice colors and thin and super strong, smooth Polyethylene (PE) backing that brings lots of extra strength and meters on your fly reels when fighting big strong fish that run for the horizon.

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