Braided Backing 50 lbs / 300 m

Braided Backing 50 lbs / 300 m Orange (slide 1 of 1)

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50lbs backing is for the biggest salmon with line weights #10-12 and tough tropical fishing for tarpon, GT and other big, fast saltwater spieces.

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Dacron with good hand feel and nice colors. It is a thin and strong backing of the highest quality with low stretch and it is resistant to saltwater. 20lbs is normal strength for all types of trout fishing, we use it on everything up to line weight #7. For heavier coastal fishing, salmon and sea trout from class #8 to #10, 30lbs is considered the norm. 50lbs is for the heaviest salmon fishing in line weight #10-12 as well as tropical fishing for Tarpon, GT, etc.

Backing on your fly reel is an essential piece of gear. There are a lot of benefits to having good backing on your fly fishing reel. Fly reel backing is normally made of dacron or braided polyester, it is the first layer of line you will put on your fly reel. Backing is a braided line made up of many small strands. It comes in many different tensile strengths. You need fly line backing to fill up the extra space on the reel. (For the same reason you would use a large arbor reel) To allow you to take up line faster. With only fly line and no backing on your reel, you will not be able to reel in as fast as you would with backing. You also need it in case you hook a large fish, because the fish needs to be allowed to run. With no fly line backing on your reel, the maximum the fish will be able to run is the length of your fly line.

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