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With a wide selection ranging from backpacks and waist bags, to bigger bags such as reel bags and roller bags, you will most certainly find something that matches your needs. They all focus on function, durability and good looks and with the main concern to protect your gear on your fly fishing adventures. You will find many smart functions and solutions that will make your fishing adventure more pleasant. 

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    ULBC Daypack 25ULBC Daypack 25

    The ULBC Daypack 25 is the smaller model of backpack in our lightweight series, which we call Ultra Light Back Country. This backpack is spacious, lightweight, and comfortable, and is packed with features such as a rain cover, elastic mesh pockets, a flexible roll-top, and straps for side compression.

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    ULBC Daypack 25

    129.99 USD

  • Leader Wallet

    Keep your lines and leaders dry and organized in an all-mesh wallet that promotes air circulation. Five slots offer easy organization. Saltwater-safe construction, including plastic zipper.

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    Leader Wallet

    18.99 USD

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    Experience Multi HarnessExperience Multi Harness

    The Experience Multi Harness is a supportive and adjustable chest carry system where rigidity and flexibility are reached through the molle system in combination with our very featured multi pockets.

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    Experience Multi Harness

    159.99 USD

  • ULBC Daypack 35ULBC Daypack 35

    This lightweight backpack is roomy, comfortable and and packed with enough features for a long day by the water or a minimalistic multi-day fishing trip.

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    ULBC Daypack 35

    159.99 USD

  • Mesh Wallet 4D Body & TipsMesh Wallet 4D Body & Tips

    Keep your shooting heads and tips dry and organized in an all-mesh wallet that promotes air circulation. Several slots offer easy organization. Saltwater-safe construction with velcro closure.

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    Mesh Wallet 4D Body & Tips

    23.49 USD

  • Shooting Head PackShooting Head Pack

    Solid and practical bulk storage for Shooting Heads and accessories. Made from strong nylon fabric with mesh pockets inside.

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    Shooting Head Pack

    54.99 USD

  • Roller Bag

    Extra large, lightweight bag for longer trips and expeditions. This is your perfect travel companion on wheels. Manufactured from 600D/300D/400g strong and water resistant TPE fabric.

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    Roller Bag

    189.99 USD

  • Gear BagGear Bag

    Tough, large bag for storing everything from tippet spools, reels and fly boxes to computers, cameras and food.

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    Gear Bag

    109.99 USD

  • ReelbagReelbag

    A new, tough, bag for storing your reels, lines, fly boxes, tippet spools and other accessories.

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    99.99 USD

  • Experience Waistbag 6Experience Waistbag 6

    Guideline ULBC Waistbag 6 is a smart and functional waist bag that gives you plenty of room and keeps you organized during a day by the water. It is designed to keep your equipment easy at hand when needed.

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    Experience Waistbag 6

    119.99 USD

  • ULBC Waistbag 3ULBC Waistbag 3

    Guideline ULBC Waistbag 3 is a small and lightweight waist bag that gives just the perfect storing space during your day on the water. It is designed to keep your equipment easy at hand at all times.

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    ULBC Waistbag 3

    94.99 USD

  • Mesh Wallet Shooting HeadsMesh Wallet Shooting Heads

    A practical storage for a full set of Heads for one line size.This wallet has a three section fold-out design and is fittedwith 6 individual pockets that can hold one or two Headsdepending on line size and length.

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    Mesh Wallet Shooting Heads

    23.49 USD

  • Experience VestExperience Vest

    The Experience fly-fishing vest features adjustable pockets for the boxes, well thought out solutions for the tools and can be attached to Guideline backpacks.

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    Experience Vest

    159.99 USD

  • Experience DW VestExperience DW Vest

    The Experience DW (Deep Wading) Vest is the minimalists dream, packed with clever solutions. Pockets can be adjusted vertically, and the vest is a one-size fits all design.

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    Experience DW Vest

    159.99 USD

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Since 1993, knowledge and passion have been reflected in each of our products. We are dedicated to meet the high expectations of the modern fly angler with lesser impact on nature, while giving rise to everlasting moments by the water.

Because, at the end of the day, It’s all about the experience.