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Explore our extensive range of single-hand fly fishing rods, featuring models for anglers of all skill levels. This collection covers everything from fishing in small streams and creeks to casting heavy streamers or pursuing large blue water species. Each rod series is carefully thought through and developed to excel in its field. Regardless of species, all rods receive the same amount of attention and are perfectly fitted to their intended tasks.

  • LPX PredatorLPX Predator

    Guideline LPX Predator single hand fly rods is a speciality rod series for large predatory fish with a well-balanced power to be a superb casting rod that doesn’t fatigue the angler.

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    LPX Predator

    459.99 USD

  • LPX CoastalLPX Coastal

    Guideline LPX Coastal is the next generation fly rods for coastal & tropical fishing featuring environmentally friendly, high-end components and production processes.

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    LPX Coastal

    469.99 USD

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    NT11 Lake & AnadromeNT11 Lake & Anadrome

    Salmon, Seatrout and Steelhead in rivers, fishing in lakes from shore and boat. This range of 10ft NT11 rods have many uses for the angler who wants the best and latest in technology and performance.

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    NT11 Lake & Anadrome

    749.99 USD

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    Elevation Brook & TLTElevation Brook & TLT

    Elevation Brook & TLT are shorter rods for smaller streams and other places where these rods are more practical.

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    Elevation Brook & TLT

    269.99 USD

  • LPX Chrome SHLPX Chrome SH

    Super light and strong single hand rods with a deep progressive rod action, perfectly designed for salmon, sea trout and steelhead. Built with our advanced C.A.P M4.0™ technology. Premium rod stacked full of features, rarely seen at these prices.

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    LPX Chrome SH

    499.99 USD

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    NT11 Trout SeriesNT11 Trout Series

    The NT11 Trout fly rods are designed to be superb all-round fishing rods suitable for fly casters at all levels. Treating yourself to an NT11 technology rod guarantees a high-end experience.

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    NT11 Trout Series

    599.99 USD

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    Elevation NymphElevation Nymph

    Elevation Nymph is a series of rods specially designed for all types of modern nymphing techniques like euro nymphing.

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    Elevation Nymph

    279.99 USD

  • LPX NymphLPX Nymph

    Guideline LPX Nymph are ultralight fly rods with fantastic balance and low swing weight. High-end materials and superb features for Euro-nymphing.

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    LPX Nymph

    389.99 USD

  • Elevation Single Hand RodElevation Single Hand Rod

    The Elevation series is a super light and smooth medium fast action range of rods. Designed for anglers at all levels. Utilising sustainable production and eco friendly components.

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    Elevation Single Hand Rod

    299.99 USD

  • StokedStoked

    Stoked has elevated entry-level fly rods to an entirely new level of performance, featuring eco-friendly components and incorporating the latest advancements in materials and production technology.

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    189.99 USD

  • LPX TacticalLPX Tactical

    The Guideline LPX Tactical features a brand-new, unique, lively casting, and fishing experience. The C.A.P M4.0 technology enables us to construct ultralight fly rods that possess the connection, power, stability, and smoothness you dream of in a trout rod.

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    LPX Tactical

    439.99 USD

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Since 1993, knowledge and passion have been reflected in each of our products. We are dedicated to meet the high expectations of the modern fly angler with lesser impact on nature, while giving rise to everlasting moments by the water.

Because, at the end of the day, It’s all about the experience.