Tropical Flats

Tropical flats fishing

When talking about flats, we mean the shallow coastal waters in tropical parts of the world that are greatly affected by tides. A flat can either be directly adjacent to the coast or extend a bit further out into the sea. As the tide recedes, it's common for the bottom to be completely exposed, forcing fish like bonefish, permit, and other species to simply swim towards deeper waters as the water level drops. Conversely, when the tide begins to rise again a few hours later, they are eager to swim back onto the shallow, nutrient-rich flats to search for food. For fly fishermen, this is one of the most exciting types of fishing to engage in; watching a large bonefish searching for shrimp and crabs in ankle-deep water can make anyone's knees shake.

Saltwater fly fishing demand gear that can present a fly with grace, but also fish strong and big fish

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NT11 SalineNT11 Saline

The NT11 Saline saltwater fly rods are for the dedicated coastal or tropical angler, that needs the best to rely on.

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NT11 Saline

699.99 USD

Superflo Flats Universal TaperSuperflo Flats Universal Taper

The Superflo Flats Universal Taper is a dedicated fly line for fishing in tropical waters. This line covers all floating line fishing for bonefish, permit, tarpon and giant trevally.

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Superflo Flats Universal Taper

129.99 USD

Vosso Glossy Slate BlackVosso Glossy Slate Black

Vosso is the most exclusive series of fly reels in our range. Featuring high-end materials and a braking system that handles all fishing situations, no matter how demanding, whether you are chasing migratory freshwater fish or hard-fighting saltwater species.

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Vosso Glossy Slate Black

479.99 USD

LPX CoastalLPX Coastal

Guideline LPX Coastal is the next generation fly rods for coastal & tropical fishing featuring environmentally friendly, high-end components and production processes.

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LPX Coastal

469.99 USD

Halo Black StealthHalo Black Stealth

Guideline Halo fly reels in color Black Stealth has class leading qualities in all aspects: smooth breaking system, full rim cage and models to cover all types of fishing situations.

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Halo Black Stealth

279.99 USD

ULBC Tactical JacketULBC Tactical Jacket

ULBC Tactical Jacket is the ultimate lightweight jacket with good movability and high breathability, ideal for hiking and fishing. It protects you from wind and mosquitoes and is ideal for all your fishing adventures.

Our model measures 184cm/78kg (6´1"/172lbs) and wears size L

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ULBC Tactical Jacket

139.99 USD

Guideline NT11 Saline - our best choice for the dedicated flats angler that need both power and finesse

The NT11 Saline rod range follows a very distinctive action type, but yet each model is fine tuned to be its very best for the thought of fishing situation. They have an extreme fast recovery with a ver comfortable "Mid to tip" flex type of action curve, making them easy to cast with high accuracy without being tiring or difficult to handle. Just as the other NT11 rods, the Saline´s are made with the highest modulus carbon fibre we have ever used, together with the extremely durable and strong T1100 carbon fibre. With fantastic casting power and yet silky smooth rod action curve, these rods will cover all species you can think of swimming in our oceans and coastal lines around the world.

Important gear for your next tropical adventure

Coastal Solartech Cap - NavyCoastal Solartech Cap - Navy

Guideline Coastal Solartech Cap is a Supplex performance cap in navy color. Light weight for comfort, water repellent and stain resistant.

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Coastal Solartech Cap - Navy

36.99 USD

LPX Sunglasses - Amber LensLPX Sunglasses - Amber Lens

Guideline LPX polarized sunglasses with matte black TR90 frame and Red rubber details. Amber polarized TAC lens with Red Revo mirror coating.

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LPX Sunglasses - Amber Lens

46.99 USD

Tactical Headover

The Guideline Tactical Headover is a highly versatile garment that provides protection and comfort in various weather conditions. Made of 100% polyester, it retains its shape and features seamless construction in soft, comfortable fabric.

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Tactical Headover

9.39 USD

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Fly Line Dressing

Marked leading qualities and long lasting formula, 100% eco friendly line dressing.

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Fly Line Dressing

14.49 USD

Ultralight Foam Box OrangeUltralight Foam Box Orange

Orange color makes it easy to find when you lay it on the ground. Boxes float if you loose them on the water. Slit- and Tri foam inside makes placement of flies easy and flexible.

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Ultralight Foam Box Orange

17.79 USD

Tip: Practice you casting

There is no other fishing where quick casts with few false casts and good accuracy are as crucial as when flats fishing for species like bonefish and permit. If you fish with guides, they assist you in spotting fish from a distance, but if you're fishing on your own and wading, then skill is essential for successful fishing. Even though you often have an idea of which direction the fish is coming from, it could just as easily appear beside you or behind your back. In such situations, swiftly presenting the fly just in front of the fish with few false casts is very important, even if you have to make a short backhand cast into the wind.

Tip: Polarizing sunglasses

Practically all fishing on the flats is what's known as sight fishing, meaning you don't cast at fish until you see them in the water. This makes it incredibly important to spot the fish before they spot you and to present the fly quickly and accurately. To see well into the water, a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses is an indispensable tool as they reduce reflections and glare on the surface. They also protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and, of course, from hooks and flies that might go astray during casting.

Tip: Protect your feet & skin

In addition to protecting your eyes from UV rays and sharp hooks, it's important to be able to withstand the strong sun all day. For us pale northerners, this means being diligent about wearing lightweight, full-coverage clothing over our entire bodies and reapplying sunscreen to exposed areas several times a day. A cap and a head buff protect the ears and neck, with the cap's visor shielding the eyes from the sun's rays. If you'll be wading extensively, having good footwear is extremely important. A pair of well-worn wading boots with a Vibram sole and a sock that can be folded down snugly to keep out sand and stones is an ideal solution.

NT11 Saline Saltwater Fly Rods

Power and finesse for your saltwater adventureBuy NT11 Saline

Useful accessories for the salty flats

Egor+ FC Spools

This is one of the best performing Japanese Fluorocarbons on the market.

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Egor+ FC Spools

18.99 USD

WP Fly BoxesWP Fly Boxes

WP - Water Proof Flyboxes have a strong, yet light weight construction made of ABS material. The water resistant seal will keep flies dry inside when wading deep or fishing in heavy rain.

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WP Fly Boxes

16.99 USD

Eze-Lap Hook Hone Model S

The Eze-Lap Diamond Hook Sharpener is perfect for touching up hook points while on the water.

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Eze-Lap Hook Hone Model S

22.49 USD

The Fly Solartech Cap - KhakiThe Fly Solartech Cap - Khaki

Guideline The Fly Solartech Cap is a Dark Khaki Supplex performance cap.

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The Fly Solartech Cap - Khaki

37.99 USD

Experience Waistbag 6Experience Waistbag 6

Guideline ULBC Waistbag 6 is a smart and functional waist bag that gives you plenty of room and keeps you organized during a day by the water. It is designed to keep your equipment easy at hand when needed.

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Experience Waistbag 6

119.99 USD

Forceps - Curved

Curved forceps for easy access to the hook with comfortable grip.

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Forceps - Curved

18.99 USD

Since 1993, knowledge and passion have been reflected in each of our products. We are dedicated to meet the high expectations of the modern fly angler with lesser impact on nature, while giving rise to everlasting moments by the water.

Because, at the end of the day, It’s all about the experience.