Shooting Heads

The shooting head system enables anglers to achieve great casting distances effortlessly, while offering the flexibility to easily adjust head length and weight for a perfectly fitted line. Additionally, exchanging heads with different densities to find the ideal depth makes the shooting head system extremely versatile for practical fishing. The heads are simple to connect with a thin running or shooting line, often via a loop-to-loop connection, as our lines come pre-looped. Our shooting heads come in various lengths, tapers, and densities, covering almost all types of fishing.

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    Scandi DH Integrated

    The Scandi Intergrated lines is really combining the best of two worlds, the casting effect of a shooting head and yet the presentation and versitilty of a classic WF line.

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    Scandi DH Integrated

    99.99 USD

  • ULS 3D+

    The ULS 3D+ Shooting Heads are nothing short of revolutionary. They offer a solution to target large predatory fish with light gear, much in the same way we fish for salmon and sea trout with heavier gear.

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    ULS 3D+

    74.99 USD

  • 3D+ Compact

    Guideline 3D+ Compact Shooting Heads is a modern range of compact heads for switch and double hand work that re-define the phrase “Easy-To-Cast”.

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    3D+ Compact

    94.99 USD

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