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Below, we have tried to compile a number of questions and answers divided into various categories, and we hope that on this page you will find what you are looking for. If not, you are of course welcome to ask one of our retailers, or send an email to our Customer Service, check our Contact page for details.

Questions about lines and rods

What tip should I use on my Guideline shooting head?

Our series of different shooting heads are designed to be used as they are, with only a nylon leader at the tip. If you want to fish deeper, you can use a poly leader (sinking leader) as the tip and then attach a nylon leader to the end of the poly leader. Sinking leaders in lengths of 5 and 8 ft are recommended; longer than that often becomes difficult to lift out of the water.

Which class of WF line is suitable for my single-handed rod?

Among all our models, the same class of line as the rod works well together. If you know that you like a bit more load on the rod, you can choose a line one class heavier than your rod class. This means that you can use WF 6 on your class 5 single-handed rod, but our recommendation is to stick to the same class for both rod and line.

Which weight of shooting head should I choose for my fly rod?

We have a recommended line weight for all our fly rods today, which can also be found on the website under each rod model. It's based on many years of experience and something we know works. If you want a line that loads the rod a bit deeper into the blank, you should choose around the heavier indication. It's not a problem if you have a line that is a few grams over what we recommend.

I have bought a ULS line and wonder which tip I should use for this?

All our Ultra Light Scandi lines are primarily used without a tip, only with a nylon leader. If you want to get down a bit extra or extend your ULS slightly, you can use a 5ft poly leader and then a slightly shorter nylon leader, preferably between 1.5-2 meters. If you are looking for a ULS line where you can change the tip to adjust the fishing depth, then you should look at a ULS Multi Tip.


What is the optimal length of the leader for my fishing?

Generally, you should have at least the length of the rod, preferably one and a half times the length of the rod. If you fish with heavy flies, shorten the leader, and if you use small, light flies, you can extend your leader. Up to twice the length of the rod works fine for fishing with small flies and shy fish. We have leaders made of both nylon and fluorocarbon, and you can find them all on our website.

Can I combine my pike and sea trout fishing with the same equipment?

It is perfectly fine to use the same rod for both pike and sea trout. Most suitable is a rod in class 7 or 8, 9' to 9'6" long. The only difference may be the line, where pike & predator fishing with big and wind resistent flies require a line with a more powerful front taper.

I am going to buy my first two-handed rod for salmon fishing. Which shooting head should I start with?

The choice of shooting head and its density is primarily guided by where you will be doing your salmon fishing, so it might be a good idea to ask local salmon anglers. However, a good choice is to start with a multi-tip line. This gives a range of possibilities to vary between different levels in the water by only changing the tip of the line. If you want to use a full shooting head without tips, we recommend starting with a shooting head where the main part is floating with a slightly sinking tip at the front, for example, a Float/Hover/Intermediate.

Can I use Skagit lines with Guideline rods?

Our rods work perfectly fine with Skagit lines. The recommended casting weight for our two-handed rods is primarily based on what is called the Scandinavian casting style. The Skagit recommendation for all our rods is that you check the rod and use a Skagit Body that matches the rod's recommended weight, and then you add the tip.

Questions about wading gear

What size wading boots should I choose?

Our recommendation is to choose a size larger for your wading boots than what you normally wear in your everyday shoes. This is based on the fact that we, as fly fishers, often wade in cold water and like to wear an extra pair of socks to keep our feet from getting cold. However, if you know that you will be using a pair of boots that fit tightly on your foot for, say, summer fishing, then choose a wading boot in the same size as your regular shoes.

I get wet on both legs after wading for a while, are my waders leaking?

If you get wet on both legs or feet approximately at the same time, it usually indicates condensation. Condensation occurs more quickly with large temperature changes, for example, if it's warm in the air but cold in the water. Before you contact us or your dealer, you should turn your wader trousers inside out and fill them with water to locate any potential leaks.

Questions about order and delivery

Can I change the delivery address on my order?

If you have chosen Klarna Checkout as your payment method, unfortunately, you cannot change the delivery address. This is tied to your registered residential address. However, you can change the delivery address if you have chosen to prepay with a credit card.

I have just received my invoice, when can I expect delivery?

If you have received your invoice, your order is ready and will be dispatched from our warehouse the same day. Delivery time is normally 1-2 business days within Sweden from the time an order has left our warehouse. Orders made over the weekend are shipped at the earliest on the following Monday.

How do I track my order?

When our goods have been packed and dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive an email and/or an SMS notification that your package has been packed and is on its way to you. In this message, you will also receive a tracking number where you can track your package on DHL’s or Postnord’s website.

Can I change or cancel my placed order?

It depends on where in the process your order is. Unfortunately, you cannot make changes to an order that has already been packaged and completed. Contact our customer service so we can see if we can resolve it.

I have made a return and wonder when it will be refunded?

Refunds are not processed while the return is in transit. After we have received the return in good condition, we can process your return. If you have received confirmation that we have received your return, please double-check first with your bank or Klarna, before contacting our customer service. Do not forget to pause your return in the Klarna app.

Questions about service and warranty

Does the 25-year warranty on the NT8/NT11 apply to all models, including older ones?

Yes, the 25-year warranty applies to all different NT8 & NT11 models, including the Fario NT8 trout rods, and covers all rods purchased since the series was introduced to the market in 2018.

How do I change the winding direction on my fly reel?

We have compiled all the exploded views of our fly reels, and you can find them at []. Open the reel and take out the one-way bearing that sits around the spool axle and turn it upside down. If you feel unsure, contact your nearest dealer.

I have an older Guideline fly rod that has broken, are there spare parts available?

We stock spare parts for all our rods during the entire time the rod series is in our range, and for an additional five (5) years after the series is discontinued. We also sometimes keep older parts in stock, especially for premium rods, so you are always welcome to inquire through one of our dealers or via email to our Service Department.

I need to order a spare part, but how should I name it to get the right part?

When ordering spare parts, always count from the top, meaning the thinnest end of the rod. For example, a 4-piece rod is described in this way: PART1/TOP - PART2 - PART3 - PART4/BUTT/HANDLE PART. It is also important that you specify the rod's model name, length, and line class as it is stated on the blank above the handle.

A ferrule on my rod looks cracked, is it serious and how can I avoid it?

This is one of our most common questions and it is the result of the rod sections not being properly joined together and having slid apart. Always check regularly during your fishing that the rod sections are properly joined. If you see any of the rod sections starting to twist, they are beginning to lose grip, adjust the sections immediately. Often, the damage can look worse than it is, but if there hasn't been a crack in the ferrule, then there is no major cause for concern. Here's how to check if the ferrule itself is cracked or not. Assemble the rod, place your hand on the ferrule, and rock the rod back and forth. If the ferrule wobbles or if there is a snapping sound from the ferrule, then it is cracked. If there is no sound or feeling, then you can continue fishing with the rod, unless you want to buy a new part. A tip to prevent the ferrules from sliding apart is to apply wax from a regular candle to the ferrule to get a better grip.

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