DK Brown Flashback PTN

DK Brown Flashback PTN

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This fly pattern is very versatile for fishing in both rivers and stillwater. It mimics narrow, brown nymphs such as vespertina and marginata in the water and works as small seratella and baetidae in the river. The fly is not weighted with the intention of fishing just below the surface. During the hatching of vespertina and marginata, the nymphs often swim towards land to hatch and the fish then often seek these out instead of going for the duns which occasionally falls outwards. Vespertina hatching can be incredibly frustrating, but this fly often solves the problem when you see the fish rise around your dun imitation and do not want to take.


Guideline employee Rune Andre Stokkebekk, who is behind this fly, suggests that you use two of these on your leader when the trout hunt nymphs. Then you get it down a little faster and increase the odds by having a hanger just over a meter above the end fly. And the leader breaks the surface faster, which helps if the surface is shiny and the fish is a little skeptical. The flies are fished with even hand twists (1001-1002 ..) and thrown well in front of the fish! Hook size is 16 for the vespertina. Size 12 works great on marginata. 14 is versatile as a search fly as well as baetis, and when you see the fish rise a little and you don't really know what to put on your leader. Attach one to the end of a long leader with a 5x tip, then place it neatly in front where you see the fish rise and take it home with a quick hand twist! Keep the tip of the rod low and to the side so that it dampens the take.

Technical info

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Fly Type Nymph
Imitation Mayfly
Stage Nymph
Usable in
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
When to use
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September