Czech Weapon Depthfinder

Czech Weapon Depthfinder

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The Czech Weapon Depthfinder has a larger bead and is more heavy than the standard Czech Weapon. We love to use this as a point fly to make the other nymph keep their level during the drift. The color and look of the fly is just really buggy, this fly look like a lot of the food fish feed on. It can be those fat mayfly nymphs from stone clinger families, caddis pupas and even smaller cased caddis larvae. This is a fly that works extremely well during the late summer and autumn for both trout and grayling. Fished either on its own or as mentioned as a point fly when getting deep is essential.


Bead size 14: Silver tungsten TC 3mm
Bead size 12: Silver tungsten TC 3.5mm

Technical info

Product information

Fly Type
  • Euro Nymph
  • Nymph
Hook Type Fasna F-420 Jig 1x Strong, barbless.
  • Caddis Fly
  • Mayfly
  • Nymph
  • Pupa
Usable in Rivers
When to use
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • Whole season