Shooting Lines & Backing

The shooting line is the smooth thin line that is connected via loop to loop at the back end of the shooting head. With a powerful shooting head and a shooting line, you will have the perfect line to perform all types of modern spay casts. We divide shooting lines into two categories.


Monofilament used in Compline II has a thin and extremely smooth surface that provides minimal friction in the guides. You achieve the longest casting lengths, but it is more demanding to handle during the actual fishing and casting. Recommended for more experienced fly fishermen.

A coated shooting line such as TSL 2.0, LRL and ULS Shooting Line has a thin polyurethane coating around a core. The result is an easy-to-handle floating line. Although it does not give the longest casts it rolls over and presents the fly more nicely. Recommended for less experienced fly fishermen.


Backing is a thin but very strong section of line that is secured directly to the arbor of a fly reel and to the back end of a fly line. There are mainly two types to choose from.

PE Backing is the thinnest and strongest variant. We recommend this if you need extra backing on the reel for your trophy fishing after big salmon, predators or tropical species.

Dacron is the classic choice, a slightly thicker diameter and more comfortable to handle while playing fish.


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