Shooting Heads

Salmon fisherman's most important fishing tackle is the fly line and choosing the right density to be able to present the fly where the fish are. Since our first fly lines was put on the market in 1993, Guideline has always been at the forefront and developed increasingly easy-to-cast fly lines that also fish more efficiently. Our shooting heads have different lengths, tapering and sinking degrees depending on how you want to fish. All our lines have a loop in the front and in the back for easy connection to your desired shooting line.

3D + is our most popular shooting heads for salmon fishing in medium to large rivers and suitable for fly rods from 14 feet and up. As the name indicates, they have 3 different degrees of sinking rates in one shooting head.

Compact are shorter and lighter shooting heads suitable for shorter double-handed and switch fly rods. Perfect for spey casting in smaller rivers and tight positions with no room for back cast.

Ultra-Light Scandi - ULS 3D+ is designed for lightweight switch rods and single-handed fly rods from line weight # 4-8. Perfect for hunting large migratory trout, sea trout and small salmon. Try them with our ULS Hybrid fly rods - one of our favourite combinations!

Coastal is designed for effective fly fishing after sea trout and sea bass for fishermen who wants a shooting head system for their coast fishing.



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