Pot Belly Pig - Fl. Fire Red Copper Tube

Pot Belly Pig - Fl. Fire Red

Copper Tube

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The Pot Belly Pig - Fl. Fire Red is a variant of the Pot Belly Pig that we have found to be very effective in most rivers. The magic in the fly comes alive when it's wet, the body of our fly are made with UV-materials that really glow! This fly is tied on copper tube with extension tube for secure hold of the hook.


Peter Whittingham is considered the originator of the Pot Belly Pig, the fly was presented in Trout & Salmon Magazine in 2001. Since then this design has proven to be among the most effective worldwide. The Pot Belly is based on the Icelandic Krabla and Francis flies, which also incorporate "feelers". Pot Belly Pig uses Chinese boar bristles, which come with natural curve that makes them "kick" in the current. They are much tougher than the stripped hackle stalks used on the Icelandic flies and imitate well the distinctive kick made by a natural shrimp as it darts along.

Technical info

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Fly Type Piglets
Water Color
  • Brown colored water
  • Green colored water
Water temperature (from) >6