Allys Tube Cone

Allys Tube Cone

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On the August 1988 issue of Trout and Salmon Alastair Gowans revealed his latest creation — the Ally’s Shrimp — to the salmon fishing world. Little did he realise, then, what an impact it would have. In his article Alastair wrote: “It is worth a try any time from late spring to late autumn, and fish have been taken on it from the Dee, Tay, Tummel, Tweed and Esks.” Since then the Ally’s Shrimp has probably taken fish from every salmon producing river in the world. Alastair Gowans’s intention was to produce an illusion of something “shrimpy” and semitranslucent. Some claim this is a fly special for late season- and autumn fishing, we believe this is a myth. Ally's fish well all season, choose size of fly and weight after water level and depth. Big flies early and smaller on low water are good recommendations also on Ally's Shrimp.


Ally's Tube Cone is a variantof the original that we have designed to fish deeper. The fly is tied on a copper tube with a Fluo Red brass cone. The innertube is of plastic and there is an extension tube in the back to keep the hook at it's place when fishing.

Technical info

Product information

Fly Type
  • Ally's Shrimps
  • Conehead
Water Color
  • Brown colored water
  • Green colored water
Water temperature info This fly comes in several sizes, choose size to see reccomended temperature.