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TD Bhatakorva

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Bhatakorva has its name after a famous pool in the Alta river and the base colours in this fly is similar to the original temple dog. This pattern fish very well in coloured water and are particularly effective when the river is a little dark after a flood. This fly is designed to fish coloured water and the fly really shows! In Norway this fly is very popular in the rivers in Trøndelag, but its also a very good fly other places like Kola, Finnmark and more... The whole season!


TD means Temple dog style; these flies are tied on high quality plastic tubes with brass coneheads to balance up and make the fly get down faster to where the salmon is. Temple dog flies, first tied by Håkan Norling from Sweden has nice tapered wings, made of several sections of high-quality fox hair. To make the wings come alive there are also flash tied into the wings and brush out. Our TD series is variants of well-known classics and features our own custom synthetic Jungle Cock that are flexible and made of an almost indestructible material. Like our other flies they are very well tied and probably the most durable flies on the market, made to last many days of fishing.

Technical info

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Fly Type Conehead
Water Color
  • Brown colored water
  • Clear water
  • Green colored water
Water temperature info This fly comes in several sizes, choose size to see reccomended temperature.