HA Bearfarm 5cm

HA Bearfarm 5cm

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DescriptionTechnical info

HA Bearfarm 5cm has no fluorescent material, so that the salmon see it as late as possible. Fished best in high summer when the fish is usually sluggish and not so keen on biting. Best suited in humus-colored water. Recommended hook size: #10-12 treble, #8 double, #6 single. Guideline HA is a salmon tube fly series designed and tested by renewed angler and fishing guide Hajas Andersson from Åre, Sweden. He works at famous Hembre Gård by river Stjördalsälven and his flies are produced and distributed exclusively by Guideline.

Technical info

Product information

Fly Type
  • Coppertube
  • Hajas Andersson
Rec. size double tube hook 8
Rec. size single tube hook 6
Rec. size treble tube hook
  • 10
  • 12
Water Color
  • Brown colored water
  • Clear water
Water temperature (from) >8