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Keep your lines and leaders dry and organized in an all-mesh wallet that promotes air circulation. Five slots offer easy organization. Saltwater-safe construction, including plastic zipper.

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This wallet is crafted to ensure optimal storage conditions, featuring a breathable all-mesh design that promotes air circulation. This is crucial in preventing moisture buildup, which can lead to line damage such as mildew or memory issues. The wallet contains five individual slots, making it incredibly easy to organize different lines and leaders according to type, length, or weight. This systematic organization not only saves time on the water but also helps in quick identification and access. Constructed with saltwater-safe materials, this wallet is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater anglers.

The inclusion of a sturdy plastic zipper ensures that your fly lines and leaders are securely stored while also being easily accessible. The plastic construction of the zipper is specifically chosen to resist corrosion caused by saltwater and sand, ensuring durability and longevity of the wallet. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, this mesh wallet is a practical solution for keeping your fly lines and leaders dry, organized, and ready for your next fishing adventure.

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