More than 97% of the water on earth consists of salt water, so it is easy to understand that fly fishing here is popular. The environments and species are very different, from sea trout on the cold Danish coasts in the winter, to Giant Trevally on the warm flats of the Maldives. The equipment must withstand salt and harsh environments, and ranges from light 6wt rods to the strongest Bluewater fly rods in 14wt.

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Marked leading qualities and long lasting formula, 100% eco friendly line dressing.

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Fly Line Dressing

14.49 USD

Extra warm model with a wind- and waterproof stretchy membrane to keep you warm even in very cold and wet conditions.

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FIR-SKIN CGX Fingerless Gloves

39.99 USD

Coastal has for many years been the reference line for coastal fly anglers around Europe. Coating specially adapted for fishing during the cooler part of the season. Taper and design gives long casts and are optimized to turn over well even in windy conditions.

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Coastal Evolve WF

99.99 USD

Guideline LPX Coastal is the next generation fly rods for coastal & tropical fishing featuring environmentally friendly, high-end components and production processes.

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LPX Coastal

469.99 USD

Bob Popovics is one of the greatest pioneers of saltwater fly fishing. His fly patterns are legendary and have proven their fishiness countless times.

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Jiggy Fly Dk. Olive/White #6

3.39 USD

Runar's Deceiver is a very popular imitation of a small baitfish and are to be considered as mandatory for saltwater fishing.

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Runar's Deceiver - Brown/Olive #4

3.39 USD

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Need for speed!

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Flatwing #4

3.39 USD

Guideline Coastal Solartech Cap is a Supplex performance cap in navy color. Light weight for comfort, water repellent and stain resistant.

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Coastal Solartech Cap - Navy

36.99 USD

High profile foam front trucker cap with airy mesh panels on side and back.

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Coastal Trucker Cap

27.99 USD

Guideline ULBC Waistbag 6 is a smart and functional waist bag that gives you plenty of room and keeps you organized during a day by the water. It is designed to keep your equipment easy at hand when needed.

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Experience Waistbag 6

119.99 USD

Halo fly reels has class leading qualities in all aspects: Smooth breaking system, full rim cage and models to cover all types of fly fishing.

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Halo Sapphire Blue

279.99 USD

Vosso is the most exclusive series of fly reels in our range. Featuring high-end materials and a braking system that handles all fishing situations, no matter how demanding, whether you are chasing migratory freshwater fish or hard-fighting saltwater species.

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Vosso Glossy Slate Black

479.99 USD

Guideline Multi Grip is a net system with different frames and exchangeable handles in various models. This model Large has a rubber mesh.

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Multi Grip Net Rubber - L

61.99 USD

Experience Support Belt is our new wader belt, developedwith the same technology that we used for the ExperienceWaist bag L.

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Experience Support Belt

54.99 USD

The Eze-Lap Diamond Hook Sharpener is perfect for touching up hook points while on the water.

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Eze-Lap Hook Hone Model S

22.49 USD

Guideline Coastal polarized sunglasses with glossy black polycarbonate frame. Grey polarized TAC lens with Green Revo mirror coating.

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Coastal Sunglasses - Grey Lens

46.99 USD

Guideline Experience sunglasses are our top model with quality nylon lenses that provide perfect clarity, very little distortion and maximum light transmission.

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Experience Sunglasses - Yellow Lens

64.99 USD

Superlight fly boxes in XL size made of molded foam with slit foam interior. Designed to fit the large flies used for coastal, salmon, seatrout and predator fishing.

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Ultralight Fly Box XL

33.99 USD

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Since 1993, knowledge and passion have been reflected in each of our products. We are dedicated to meet the high expectations of the modern fly angler with lesser impact on nature, while giving rise to everlasting moments by the water.

Because, at the end of the day, It’s all about the experience.