Pattegrisen Grey



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Unconfirmed 20/01/2024
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Pattegrisen are one of the most popular and effective flies for saltwater fishing, many also tie this fly for salmon fishing on hooks and tubes. Surely a fly for all season and a must have in your fly box! Pattegrisen is Claus Eriksen's very effective spey shrimp that resembles the color of a small pig. In our assortment this colour is named Salmon Pink. Claus's pattegris is very similar to Morten Øland's Spey Shrimp which is to be considered as the original fly of this type using spey hackle. Morten's fly is a more grey variant and have different shellback. Guideline Pattegris comes in 3 colours tied on stainless saltwater hooks. In the addition to Morten and Claus's colours we also have a orange variant which is excellent when the water is a little bit coloured.
Technical info

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Fly Type Streamer
Imitation Shrimp
Usable in Salt Water, Coastal environments.
When to use Whole season