Lefty's Deceiver - Black #4

Lefty's Deceiver - Black #4

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Unconfirmed 20/01/2024
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Lefty's Deceiver is Lefty Kreh's famous design, created in the late 1950s when striped bass populations in the Chesapeake Bay were healthy and Lefty Kreh pursued them on a regular basis. This fly was born after Lefty and his mates where tired of flies with feathers fouling around the hook. At that time, it was normal to tie in the hackle tails at the front of the hook. Lefty’s goal as he put it was: "I'm going to design a fly that won't foul on the cast! It will have a fish shape, that can be made in many lengths". The fly was extremely successful and soon spread to all saltwater environments and even into the freshwater world.


Lefty's original was all white, nowadays it's tied in lots of colours and sizes to imitate a variety of baitfish and pure attractor patterns. Our Lefty is tied on stainless quality hooks with high end materials. The fly is foremost a saltwater fly, however it's nothing wrong using this for predatory fish in freshwater.


Black: A black fly gives a sharp contrast and are mostly used for evening/night fishing.
Red/Yellow: Coloured water and to tempt slow fish in cold winter water.
White: White is great for winter fishing and a good colour for shy fish on shallow water.
White/Blue: Generic fly for fish that feed on herrings and sprat.
White/Green: Green is a great colour for fish that feed on sprat.

Technical info

Product information

Fly Type Streamer
Imitation Minnow / Baitfish
Usable in Salt Water, Coastal environments.
When to use Whole season