GL Streaking Caddis

GL Streaking Caddis

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Streaking Caddis is a best seller and a very popular caddisfly pattern. This is Lennart Berqvist's pattern originally made to imitate one of our largest caddis flies, the Phryganea Grandis. This fly fish well in many sizes and size 12 and 8 is mandatory in your fly box. This fly is a favourite for lakes and we like to fish it stripping in, very effective when there is a riffle on the surface. Large caddis dont need to be present for this fly to fish well, it's a great attractor fly for all season.

Adding Floatant:
- Gel floatant can be used on both wing and body.

Technical info

Product information

Fly Type Dry Fly
Imitation Caddis Fly
Stage Adult
Usable in Lakes
When to use
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September