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4 Cast is a true classic in the Guideline WF-line range and our all-time bestseller. This new generation called 4Cast+, has been improved with small taper tweaks, thinner line diameters and slightly thicker handling- and running lines. Changes that make the line more adaptable to the length you want to carry outside the rod tip during your false casting and even better balanced in the turnover. When casting this line, you will notice the balanced weight distribution through-out the head.




The profile has a relatively short front taper which loads your rod easily, even with limited amount of line outside the rod tip. Superb line control and slightly delayed turnover for long casts and pinpoint presentations alike. This is a good choice for the all-round fly angler who wants a line that performs equally well with both overhead- and spey casts at a reasonable price. 4 Cast+ WF is built on a braided multifilament core. There are small, factory-made welded loops in the front and back end of the line and a laser ID marking near the tip. The fly line box and spool are eco-friendly and recyclable. 4 Cast+ is available from WF4F to WF8F and the color is Bright Olive/Cool Grey.




Model Head Lenght Head Weight Color Total Lenght
4 Cast+ WF4F 10,5 m / 34,4 ft 10 g / 154 gr. Bright Olive/Cool Grey 25.0m / 82ft
4 Cast+ WF5F 10,5 m / 34,4 ft 12 g / 185 gr. Bright Olive/Cool Grey 27.5m / 90ft
4 Cast+ WF6F 11,0 m / 36 ft 14 g / 216 gr. Bright Olive/Cool Grey 27.5m / 90ft
4 Cast+ WF7F 11,2 m / 36,7 ft 16 g / 247 gr. Bright Olive/Cool Grey 30.0m / 98ft
4 Cast+ WF8F 11,2 m / 36,7 ft 18 g / 277 gr. Bright Olive/Cool Grey 30.0m / 98ft


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Fishing Type Trout - Dry & Nymph
Rod Type Single Hand

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