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Guideline designs and develop rods with one target in mind: To give you the fisherman the very best experience on the water. Our product manager has tremendous experience in rod development, choosing the right components, the best carbon structure etc. The final result is a product we believe to be the best in their class. Choosing a fly rod is a lot about feeling and different preferences like intended use, favourite action and cosmetics. In Guideline we look at each rod as a unique project and build it to suit its intended use. Which means that inside a rod series there can be differences in rod actions between the different models. Here are a few hallmarks regarding the different rod series:
Fario NT8 and NT8 Features the very latest in Nano-resin technology. The rods have premium cork quality, light weight and medium fast action with a remarkable recovery speed. NT8 rods come as 4 and 5 piece in single hand and 6 piece in double hand. LXi is a special series for Salmon and Sea Trout fishing in rivers. The action is deep and fast with strong tips that carry a wide variety of lines and weights. LXi comes as 5- and 6-piece models for easy packing on longer trips. RSi are dedicated salt water rods with a fast tip action which is also popular among pike- and trout fishermen. Are you planning a tropical fishing experience? Don’t look any further. Fario Classic has a deep, medium fast action that suits casters on all levels and are true weapons for the thinnest leaders and the smallest flies. LPXe is our most iconic series and have been with us almost from the very beginning. The series was totally redesigned in 2017 and consist of single, switch and double hand rods with a typical three quarter deep action. Fario Classic and Fario CRS are two dedicated series for trout fishing. EXP5 single hand rods are another entry level product that gives you great value for the money with its medium fast and forgiving action. Elevate are light, precise, crisp rods with fast recovery speed in our mid-price segment. A complete rod series where the double handers have a medium fast action inspired by some of our all-time popular models. Our Kaitum, Laxa and Epik kits are put together for the beginner to ensure a trouble free start to their fly fishing career. The rods are easy to cast and have a nice tolerant action for the occasional mistimed stroke.

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