Guideline Fly Rods

Since 1993, experience, knowledge and passion goes in to each and every fly rod we make. We carefully source the right materials, design the right components and work our way towards finding the perfect balance and action in each rod that we design. This, to assure you get the best possible fishing experience by the water.


Our assortment of fly fishing rods is wide, and here you will find rods designed for the fly fishing beginner, up to the experienced angler which demands a great casting tool that performs on a very high level.


Our goal is to always find the best environmentally friendly solution for each part of the fly rod, without compromising on quality or performance. 


Choosing a fly rod is a lot about feeling and different preferences like intended use, favourite action and cosmetics. At Guideline, we look at each rod as a unique project and build it to suit its intended use. This means that inside a rod series there can be differences in rod actions between the different models.

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