Faux Mini Daddy #12

Faux Mini Daddy #12

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Faux Mini Daddy is a small imitation of a crane fly/daddy longlegs. The name Faux is from the legs made of Faux Bucktail from Flymen Company. This fly is signed Guideline employee Rune Andre Stokkebekk who have fished with these legs/flies for several seasons and found that they are almost indestructible vs. more traditional pheasant tail legs. This fly pattern is an attractor as much as an imitation. It is not often we encounter a real swarming of crane flies; however, the Trout are tempted by these patterns throughout the season. Especially in the period of June to September.

Small daddy’s are normally found in the nature in late season (September-October). We believe it is important to have daddy’s in several sizes outside the period. When the fish is a little cautious and used to feed on smaller insects we have had success with smaller editions like this rather than a big chunky fly. This fly works both in rivers and lakes and attract fish that are seemingly passive. The rib is made of pearl which is a well-known, effective attractor material, over the hackle there is a loop of cdc that let you see the low riding fly on long distance.

Use Dry Magic or our Cdc Gel on the whole fly and add a tiny amount on the cdc. The fly is normally fished dead drift in the river, you can move it a little on the lake but we prefer to just let it lay still, trapped and wait for the cruising trout!
Technical info

Product information

Fly Type Dry Fly
Imitation Cranefly
Stage Adult
Usable in
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
When to use
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September