Forceps - Salmon 15,5cm - 6" Forceps - Salmon 15,5cm - 6"

Forceps - Salmon

15,5cm - 6"

Product nr: 102703
20.99 EUR
Unconfirmed 23/01/2023

The Salmon Forceps features a thicker and more powerful jaw than the Trout Forceps, the usage for this hemostat is generally larger flies that are used for salmon and coastal fishing. The foam grip is comfy and has good traction even when wet. The sharp cutting edge is practical for cutting thicker tippet materials. By doing this your nipper will stay sharp a lot longer.


  • Length is 15,5cm / 6".
  • Comfy grip dipped with foam material provides traction when wet.
  • Surgical quality stainless steel.
  • Locking handles.
  • Sharp cutting edge.
  • Serrated jaw for good grip.
  • Integrated needle to clean hook eye.