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Our Guideline Pin on Reel Large are suitable for landing nets or other tasks when you need a powerful zinger. It has a spring loaded nylon coated metal wire for extra durability.

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At the end of the wire you find a small keyring so it is easy to attach it to any type of tool, net, pliers or other accessories. On the back side there is a slide-on belt style clip, to hold also heavier loads. A pin-on-reel accessory holder can be a convenient way to keep small tools or accessories within easy reach. This can include items like line clippers, forceps, or small fly boxes.

By attaching the accessory holder to your clothing, you ensure quick and easy access to essential tools. This can be particularly useful when you need to change flies, adjust leader length, or perform other tasks while fishing. Pin-on-reel accessory holders often come with multiple attachment points or compartments, allowing you to customize the arrangement based on your preferences and the specific tools you use.

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