Lake & Reservoirs

Fly fishing in larger lakes and reservoirs, which are very common in the British Isles, is a fishing environment that places great demands on the equipment. Those large open waters can often be windy, and it is common to fish from a drifting boat. The varying depths in these waters mean that the fish can be at different levels in the water column, making lines of different densities an important component to successful fishing. 

Experience+ is an all-round floating line that is designed for all kinds of casts and distances.

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Experience+ WF

84.99 USD

The Elevation series is a super light and smooth medium fast action range of rods. Designed for anglers at all levels. Utilising sustainable production and eco friendly components.

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Elevation Single Hand Rod

299.99 USD

Tough, large bag for storing everything from tippet spools, reels and fly boxes to computers, cameras and food.

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Gear Bag

109.99 USD

The Experience fly-fishing vest features adjustable pockets for the boxes, well thought out solutions for the tools and can be attached to Guideline backpacks.

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Experience Vest

159.99 USD

4 Cast is a true classic in the Guideline WF-line range and our all-time bestseller. If you seek a true all-rounder, 4 Cast+ is your best option.

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4 Cast+ WF

84.99 USD

NOVA Spools

14.99 USD

The first ever Guideline Fly Reel to be designed exlusively for Trout Fishing. Every detail and every function has been developed with that one thing in mind; to create a perfect, lightweight, cool, dependable and yet solid reel for serious anglers.

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Fario LW Dk. Grey Green/Gold

379.99 USD

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The NOVA reel represents the dawn of a new era for our fly reels. This model features a Polymer Cassette spools made from recycled PCR [Post Consumer Resins] and an Innovative, “Minimal-Touch” press release.

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NOVA Cassette

239.99 USD

Guideline Multi Grip is a net system with different frames and exchangeable handles in various models. This model Medium has a rubber mesh.

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Multi Grip Net Rubber - M

54.99 USD

Guideline Multi Grip Telescopic Handle is an exchange handle for those who prefer a better reach on their Multi Grip net. The handles are easily replaced via a stable thread against the frame.

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Multi Grip - Telescopic Grip

18.99 USD

Drifter Evolution has oars and comes in a handy bag that carry all. Belly boat is fun and gets you closer to the fish!

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Drifter Evolution

419.99 USD

Fishing from a belly boat is both fun and effective! You get to places you could not reach from shore and you get closer to the fish than using a boat.

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Drifter Kickboat

339.99 USD

This large double side waterproof fly box is perfect when you need to carry a boat load of flies or if you like to have larger boxes for storage of flies that you re-fill other boxes with during season.

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Double Side Stillwater Flybox

37.49 USD

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Since 1993, knowledge and passion have been reflected in each of our products. We are dedicated to meet the high expectations of the modern fly angler with lesser impact on nature, while giving rise to everlasting moments by the water.

Because, at the end of the day, It’s all about the experience.