Euro Nymph

European Nymphing is a specialized fly fishing technique that has gained popularity, particularly for trout fishing. It has proven effective in challenging conditions, such as fast-flowing rivers and streams where precise control over the presentation is crucial. It involves using weighted nymph patterns and relies on tight-line or contact nymphing methods. It is often done with longer fly rods, which allow for better line control, as well as increased sensitivity to detect subtle strikes. 

Guideline LPs/EURO WF fly line features a two-in-one configuration with a delicate presentation WF line and a thin, level Euro Nymph line with indicator tip in one reversible unit.

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LPS Euro

74.99 USD

In Spain the Red Butt Perdigon is possibly the most famous nymph used by competition anglers, they claim it's so safe you can just put this on and go fishing.

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Red Butt Perdigon

2.49 USD

Pliva Perdigon has it's name from the gin clear spring creek Pliva in Bosnia.

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Pliva Perdigon

2.49 USD

Killer Chocolate Perdigon has a brown body of holographic tinsel that matches many species darker nymphs in the river.

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Killer Chocolate Perdigon

2.49 USD

This fly, the Copper Dreams Perdigon is a true allrounder and a generic mayfly nymph that works all season says Javier Peña.

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Copper Dreams Perdigon

2.49 USD

Guideline LPX Nymph are ultralight fly rods with fantastic balance and low swing weight. High-end materials and superb features for Euro-nymphing.

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LPX Nymph

389.99 USD

This is one of the best performing Japanese Fluorocarbons on the market.

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Egor+ FC Spools

18.99 USD

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The Experience Multi Harness is a supportive and adjustable chest carry system where rigidity and flexibility are reached through the molle system in combination with our very featured multi pockets.

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Experience Multi Harness

159.99 USD

Guideline Fario Click is a lightweight and delicate fly reel with a smooth dual-pin clicker system for the most delicate types fly fishing.

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Fario Click

279.99 USD

The first ever Guideline Fly Reel to be designed exlusively for Trout Fishing. Every detail and every function has been developed with that one thing in mind; to create a perfect, lightweight, cool, dependable and yet solid reel for serious anglers.

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Fario LW Bronze

339.99 USD

TMC Strike Detector Hi-Float Red

8.99 USD

Lightweight foam boxes with black lycra cover featuring a Guideline snake logo. Slit- and Tri foam inside makes placement of flies easy and flexible. Boxes float if you loose them on the water.

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Ultralight Foam Box Black

17.79 USD

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