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Double Hand Rods

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Elevation Rods utilises the very latest in material and pattern technology, as well as featuring several more environmentally friendly components, these rods are revolutionary.

We have now started the journey towards more sustainable products at Guideline and this Rod series will show the way for future rod production. We have worked hard and into the details to do whatever is possible to make these rods the best choice for those anglers who care about the environment. The new rod blank development process eliminates any unnecessary material in each section. It also gives us the possibility to monitor power in every part of the blank much more accurately than before. These rods are extremely light and responsive (9’ #5 is 72g / 2,53oz), and yet the strongest standard rods we have created.

In general the rods have a sensitive and protective tip that is very stable and crisp, with a smooth progressive curve further down the blank with a powerful butt section. The action is easy to cast, forgiving and produce accurate casts at high line speed. The rods have great line feel and you will easily connect to the rod to all types of casts. Summed up these are top modern rods with light feel and an action that suits anglers at all levels.



Elevation 12' #7/8 and 13' #8/9: Possibly the lightest rods ever produced in their respective line weight and length. Fast action with a sensitive and responsive tip are make these rods a super option for small to medium sized salmon/seatrout rivers. They work superb with all types of Scandi style casts and Shooting Heads, no matter if you use a Multi Tip or a full sinking version.

Elevation 14' #9/10 and 15' #10/11: Powerful, strong rods that will manage both Skagit type Heads and all kinds of Multi Density sinking heads with ease. The tip sections on these rods are have more power than the two shorter and lighter rods above. They are designed this way to manage larger flies, more wind and the heavier types of lines often used with these line weights. Incredibly light and well balanced.




  • Matte, lightly buffed blanks with no added coloration which gives them a dark graphite grey apperance. Any possible, excessive carbon waste particles are collected in separate tank before water is passed on to community cleaning facility. The blanks have a soft spiral pattern and thin, matte coating.

  • 3A cork grips without rubber cork reinforcements. This reduces the levels of epoxy-resins needed in the grips.

  • Metal parts of reel seats are “clear anodized” which is the least toxic process possible when using aluminium reel seats. We use no chrome (lead) or paint in the anodizing bath.

  • For the coatings on blank, guides and the mounting glue for grips and reel seat, we use a bio based low-toxic Epoxy, tested and approved with extremely low levels of regulated chemicals. This also adds to a better working atmosphere in the assembly phase of production, reducing health hazardous odours to a minimum.

  • Rods are mounted with light wire single leg guides and KW style stripper guides. We use a gun smoke powder coat finish on a stainless frame. Best sustainable choice, still hard and with no chrome plating, which contains lead.

  • Rod bag and rod tube cover are made of recycled REPREVE™ polyester.

  • The rod tubes are made of recycable Polypropylene (PP), they are lighter and have 20% lower diameters than standard PVC tubes. This will save space and money when rods are transported both from the factory and by the user. Given its durability and the possibility to melt and reform into plastic pellets, PP is both reusable and recyclable for producing new goods.

  • All rods are 4-piece.

REPREVE™ is the leading, most trusted, branded performance fibres made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles). Buy products made with REPREVE™ to make a difference.




Model Lenght Class Weight Parts DH handle front/back Rec. head weight
Elevation 1278 12´ #7/8 178g 4 pc 295 mm/115 mm 27-30g / 416-465 grains
Elevation 1389 13´ #8/9 182g 4 pc 310 mm/115 mm 31-34g / 480-525 grains
Elevation 14910 14´ #9/10 200g 4 pc 325 mm/125 mm 35-38g / 540-585 grains
Elevation 151011 15´ #10/11 242g 4 pc 360 mm/125 mm 41-44g / 630-680 grains


Technical info

Product information

Eco Friendly
  • GL ECO-Tech ™
  • Lead-Free
  • Low Toxic Resins
  • PVC-Free Rod Tubes
  • Recycled materials
Fishing Type
  • Salmon & Seatrout Fishing
  • Steelhead Fishing

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