Suck On This Black

Suck On This Black

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"Suck on this - Black" is really several variations of a wooly bugger in the same fly. You probably notice the prominent front from the egg sucking leech. I addition it has a moderate amount of flash and synthetic Jungle Cock in front. We have used this pattern with great success in both fresh- and salt water after trout. In freshwater this fly is a very strong challenger for the legendary Kola Killer, we belive this fly is no less good.

Originally this fly is meant to imitate leeches. The fly also go very well in salt water where we find many species of beach worms in all colors and sizes. Thisone imitate well species of beach worms found on darker bottoms with stones etc. This fly is most used in spring and dark early summer nights in the sea. Fish it with a slow retrieve so that the tail of marabou and body hackle pulsate nicely. This surely gives the impression of something living and eatable - SUCK ON THIS!

Technical info

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  • Attractor Fly
  • Bristle Worm
Usable in
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Salt Water, Coastal environments.
When to use Whole season