Guideline Fly Reels

At Guideline, we have a broad range of fly reels in different price levels. When developing our reels, we make sure that we have always have a selection that will suit most of the fly fishing situations that you will encounter as an angler. From small, delicate lightweight reels for the trout stalker, up to the biggest most durable reels with sophisticated drag systems, well capable of withstanding the power of the largest salmon or powerful tropical fish species such as Tarpon and GT. 


We are also offering spare spools to some of our reels. They make it easy to change your line quickly, if you for example wants to use a sinking line, then switch to a floating one. By choosing a spare spool in a different color, you can also make your reel more personalized!


All Guideline flyfishing reels comes with a protective nylon reel pouch that can also be used when the reel is mounted on a fly rod.


If you are looking for user manuals for our reels - follow this link >>>

Guideline Fly Reels

Guideline Spare Spools