2020 is the year when Guideline take new huge steps in fly line manufacturing and packaging. All our new premium floating lines are now made of a Polyurethane coating instead of PVC that bleeds harmful plasticizers (Phthalates) into the water. The lines are incredibly slick, float better and have less memory due to a brand-new Triple Layer Technology coating. The TLT creates better casting performance, more efficient fishing and bite detection, as well as added durability. Our boxes are made from recycled paper with water-based UV coatings and we have removed all plastic spools from the packaging to reduce volume in transport and less production of waste. Plastic spools alone was 1200kgs of waste pr. year. When you choose these lines, you get the “cleanest” fly line on the market.


Several of the lines features the same taper as it’s predecessor, Bullet is still the same with new and better materials. Fario Tactical is the new “Presentation” with a refined taper. Fario Elite has same taper as Fario. Fario Distance is a new long belly line that fits in between Fario Elite and High Water/Experience. The Power Presentation is also a new line to handle dry fly fishing in wind and heavier and more bulky flies with supreme turnover. LPs is a two in one configuration where you get a compressed Fario taper in one end and a dedicated Euro Nymph line in the other, made for light and delicate rods. And not at least, Coastal Evolve also come in a full floating version now to handle your shallow water fishing along the coastline.



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