One, if not the most important piece of clothing a fly angler needs is a pair of waders. They are crucial for being able to fish all those places when you want to get closer to the action, or have trees and other terrain behind you that reduces your casting abilities. While keeping you dry, they do also provide good storage. We have a broad range of waders and jackets, from introduction level to the most durable wading gear for the anglers who basically lives on the river bank, and lightweight gear for the angler who walks for miles into the unexplored outback.


Our jackets does not only provide protection against wind, rain and cold, but also have a lot of smart design features and toolbars so that you can have your favorite fishing accessories ready at all times. For those warmer days, or if you want more storage, we also provide fly fishing vests. They have generous storage, smart features and also suits the angler who likes to wade deep. We also have a range of wading boots, both with rubber and felt soles.


A signum for Guideline wading gear is that we always strive to provide the most eco-friendly solutions. This is usually done by using smart, eco-friendly materials and production techniques.


We also provide stylish midlayers and wind jackets, as well as shirts and hats.


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