Ultralight Fly Box XL Predator & Coastal Lycra Cover Ultralight Fly Box XL Predator & Coastal Lycra Cover

Ultralight Fly Box XL

Predator & Coastal Lycra Cover

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The Guideline XL Ultralight boxes are designed by us to fit the large flies used for coastal, salmon, seatrout and predator fishing. With a free height on 30mm inside the box and 8 rows of slits each side the box offers great flexibility in placement of the flies and capacity. There are slit rows on each side for every 10mm where you can place flies which gives great flexibility for bigger flies.

The Predator and Coastal has a lycra fabric in the outer with a fish motive and magnet closure. Outer size: 20cm long x 10cm wide and 5cm thick, this makes the box fit well into all our packs and vests and wading jackets with large outer pockets. Both types very durable and has magnet closure and float well if you drop them on the water.

Choose between 2 different colors/styles:
- Coastal Lycra Design with fish pattern (Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Sea Trout, Seabass).
- Predator Lycra Design with fish pattern (Pike, Perch, Zander, Black Bass and Taimen).

20cm / 7,87" (length) x 10cm / 3,93" (width) x 5cm /  1,96" (thick). There are 32mm inside with free height for the flies.
Weight: Predator/Coastal: 105 grams. Orange/Green Foam Box: 95 grams.

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