Trout Slit Foam Fly Box S

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Trout Slit Foam Fly Box S (slide 3 of 3)

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Lightweight foam boxes with photographic fish print on the lycra cover. Slit- and Tri foam inside makes placement of flies easy and flexible.

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Superlight fly box made of molded foam covered with durable lycra and this beautyful Kola trout printed on it! One side has tri-foam and the other side 5 rows with micro slits. A great combo box for nymphs and dries. Measurements: 125 x 80 x 30 mm
Technical info
MeasurementsL: 130 x W: 85 x H: 30 mm
Weight40g - 1,41oz

Waterproof boxes to protect your flies

Waterproof fly boxes are a great way to protect and store your flies, especially in a saltwater environment. All our waterproof (WP) boxes have a strong yet lightweight construction with high-quality ABS material. The water-resistant seal will keep flies dry inside when wading deep or fishing in heavy rain. It's important to remember not to put wet flies back into the sealed box, as they may introduce humidity.

Lightweight models for all types of flies

When you want boxes that don't add extra weight to your kit, our Guideline Ultralight Foam Boxes are the perfect choice. The bright color of many models makes them easy to find when you lay them on the ground. The boxes float if you lose them in the water. Slit- and Tri-foam inside makes placement of flies easy and flexible. Ultralight floating fly boxes are made of molded foam with micro slits in the interior.

Thin and transparent for easy overview

Guideline Slim Tri Foam fly boxes are perfect when you don't want to carry more than necessary or if you want several boxes for different fishing situations. The boxes are made of polycarbonate, providing great durability, strength, and a crystal-clear finish. Yet, this box is quite slim, fitting into all our packs and vests, and you can carry several inside one pocket. The lime-colored foam insert provides good contrast against most types of flies.

Find the right fly box for your fishing situation

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