Ullarhaus Dark Lord #2/#8

Ullarhaus Dark Lord #2/#8 (slide 1 of 1)

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Guideline Dark Lord Ullarhaus is an articulated trout streamer tied on high quality hooks with stainless steel wire connection between the two hooks.

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This fly is a variant of Kelly Galloups Boogie Man streamer made with some cool tweaks in the materials. Head has a wool mix from icelandic ram and that is what ullarhaus means, simply a woolhead! We also added some funky silicone legs to spice it up and add more movement. Head has brass dumbell eyes to make it sink fast enough and 3D eyes to get the right looks. Total length of fly is 85mm or 3,4".

This color combination, Dark Lord is a good generic composition for fishing in daytime and evenings with low light. It's also a good representation of small whitefish, graylings and sculpins living on darker river bottoms. For fishing articulated streamers we reccomend using rods and lines in #7 to have enough power to cast these large flies effortless. A powerful 6wt can also be a good alternative if you dont have a dedicated streamerrod.

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