TMC Dry-Shake Brush

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Get your flies Dry-Shaked on only a particular area! This product type is a must have for all usage of cdc flies.

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The stiffer brush works better for application and even combing CDC wings. A must have for all kinds of flies with wings of cdc feathers/fibers. Dry Shake is great for drying and reconditioning flies. When your dry fly begins to sink, just apply Dry Shake. The absorbing powder in the bottle removes the moisture from the fly and coats it with a water resistant material. Your fly will again float like new.

* Removes the moisture from the fly.
* Coats it with a water resistant material.
* Your fly will float like new.
* Comes with applicator brush.
* Great for drying and reconditioning flies.
* Contains no harmful components for user or environment.

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