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These knotless, tapered leaders from Tiemco are made in Japan offer high quality that reflects in superb turnover characteristics, high wet knot strength, low memory and a high life expectancy.

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The special taper formula with 30% butt-section, 45% taper and 25% tip rolls out straight with good power transfer - important when accurate presentations make all the difference. Tiemco STD Nylon Leader has a very controlled stretch that offers enough stretch to buffer head shakes when fighting fish without compromising hook-set abilities. With a length of 9ft or 12ft these leaders have proven ideal in a large number of fishing situations, e.g. when dry fly fishing for spooky fish in clear waters or when fishing on the lake. Regardless whether you are fishing dries, wet flies or nymphs: this high quality taper gets the job done!
  • Knotless, tapered nylon leaders.
  • Made from highest quality Japanese monofilament.
  • Special taper formula: 30% butt, 45% taper, 25% tip.
  • All purpose standard taper.
  • Available in length: 9ft or 12ft.
  • Colour: Stealth Grey.
  • Controlled stretch.
Taper profile
Taper profile

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