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The hot orange flashwing is designed for typical flood conditions. When the river is brown from the rainwater or icy cold from melting snow, this is a favorite! But also a joker when the salmon has been in the ponds for a while and starts to get aggressive. This fly is also excellent for supplementing the "opposite theory", when everyone goes with 5-8 cm hair wing flies in earthy colors, it can be incredibly toxic to come up with a small hot orange flashwing on slow salmon.
Recommended tube is Hot Orange as a hook guide.

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Steffen Granbo's Flashwings are a series of flies made from as much flash as possible. The whole wing consists of different types of flash that make up the color combinations of his favorite flies with traditional hair wings. The flash is assembled to get a wing that is well tapered and swims well. It is bearish enough not to collapse under strong currents and soft enough to move well in the calmer parts. They are made on US tubes that have weight, which means that they fish well from the moment the fly lands in the water. 5cm wing length is tied on 6mm tube, 8cm wing on 8mm tube and 11cm wing length is tied on 13mm US tube.

US tubes are heavy enough to dive a little, but without being too heavy for the calmer parts. They also help the wing to swim well by pushing the body down from the wing.
The Flashwing series is available in 5, 8 and 11 centimeter wing lengths for different fishing situations. The 11cm long wing is suitable for larger rivers early in the season or at high water levels. 8 cm delivers well as an all-round size, even when the medium to small rivers are larger in the spring, or during rain floods. The 5 cm wing is a good joker to use when everyone else in the fishing area use classic tube flies without success.
When the whole wing is in flash, it becomes more visible than flies with hair in their wings. For example the flash wing of 11 cm has the same visibility as hair wing tubes of 14-16 cm.

These tubes are fished with a loose hook. Steffen recommends using a tube as a hook guide on these flies that have a US tube. Preferably in the colors described under each pattern. On the large flies, we have the best success with a double tube hook. Guideline double tube #6 on the large ones over 8 cm so that the hook does not turn itself into the wing. On the medium and small flash wings, our best choice is the Guideline X-Strong triple hook #8-12.

Since 1993, knowledge and passion have been reflected in each of our products. We are dedicated to meet the high expectations of the modern fly angler with lesser impact on nature, while giving rise to everlasting moments by the water.

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