Power Strike+ Spools

Power Strike+ Spools 0,37mm (slide 1 of 1)

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Our improved Power Strike+ tippet and leader material is manufactured from the highest quality Japanese co-polymers available.

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They have a very good strength-to-diameter ratio and are true to the specified diameters. Power Strike+ has an optimized blend between suppleness and elasticity in a double layer coating, which give it very high knot strength and water repellency.

Practical snap-lock-rotate spools with silicon retainer bands make the tippet spools easy to handle. Available on 30 m spools in 7X-0X, 0,33mm, 0,37mm, 0,43mm, 0,47mm, 0,52mm, 0,62mm(20m) & 0,66mm (20m). The clear grey tint ensures low visibility under water.
Size Guide
7X0.104 mm1.0kg30m
6X0.128 mm1.47kg30m
5X0.148 mm2.01kg30m
4X0.185 mm3.08kg30m
3X0.205 mm3.61kg30m
2X0.235 mm4.43kg30m
1X0.26 mm4.45kg30m
0X0.285 mm6.21kg30m
01X0.33 mm8.42kg30m
02X0.37 mm10.2kg30m
03X0.405 mm11.59kg30m
04X0.435 mm13.9kg30m
05X0.47 mm16.42kg30m
06X0.52 mm20.38kg20m
07X0.62 mm28.03kg20m
08X0.66 mm31.93kg20m

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