Mallard Express Black #8

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Fast tie and fast retrive!

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When I in the beginning of the 2000 came up with this pattern, I got a lot of inspiration from more classic brittish flies and hackle flies like the “Wool sock”. I named it Mallard Xpress for a few specific reasons, firstly it was extremely fast and easy to tie and secondly it seemed to fish better as it was retreived with very high speed. Mallard is due to the fact of the material being used. This fly works great as a allround fly, as it looks like nothing or anything and can therefore imitate a shrimp or wounded fish. The natural one (Grey) is often used when you have clear weather and clear water and fishes really good when water temperature goes up. The orange is a great choice for colder or dirty water when you need more of a attracting color, whilst the black one is the perfect choice when you need stronger contrast. The best way to fish seems to be with high speed, followed with pauses in between.

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