Scandi and Spey are both basically ways of casting, and what is often referred to as underhand, or waterborn casts. The leader and the front part of the line lands on the surface of the water, anchors, in front of the fisherman and thus creating a D-loop that loads the rod. The term Scandi means shorter shooting heads connected to a shooting line, while Spey often gets to represent classic full lines with longer heads. 

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The Scandi Intergrated lines is really combining the best of two worlds, the casting effect of a shooting head and yet the presentation and versitilty of a classic WF line.

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Scandi DH Integrated

99.99 USD

Guideline 4D Compact tips are a perfect match to our 4D Compact bodies, but also to other shorter bodies of various weights and brands.

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4D Compact Tip

37.99 USD

Guideline 4D Compact are short, powerful and well-balanced bodies developed to work perfectly together with 4D Compact Tips.

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4D Compact Body

94.99 USD

Guideline Stoked bring entry level double hand fly rods to a new dimension of performance. Features eco-friendly components and the latest in materials and production technology.

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Stoked DH

339.99 USD

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Let us introduce our new type of rod action - Fast Full Flex, a rod action type that truly merges the best with the feeling of a super light rod and explosiveness, but together with an almost nostalgic type of feeling.

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NT11 Fast Full Flex 6-PC

999.99 USD

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NT11 4-piece double handers featuring the latest in technology and are just slightly softer but has the same fantastic rod action as the 6 pc models, and will cast and perform at equal levels.

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NT11 4-PC

949.99 USD

The Elevation series is a super light and smooth medium fast action range of rods. Designed for anglers at all levels. Utilising sustainable production and eco friendly components.

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Elevation DH

479.99 USD

The LPX Chrome 6pc Double Hand fly rods feature a brand-new rod action that connects you with the cast in a totally new way. C.A.P M4.0™ technology delivers ultra-light blanks with superb stability and response.

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LPX Chrome 6-PC

779.99 USD

Guideline Sunrays are made of the best materials with beautiful tapered wings that fish even better than they look. We dare to claim that you will have a hard time finding better quality than ours.

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Sunray White Underwing

5.59 USD

The hot orange flashwing is designed for typical flood conditions. When the river is brown from the rainwater or icy cold from melting snow, this is a favorite! But also a joker when the salmon has been in the ponds for a while and starts to get aggressive. This fly is also excellent for supplementing the "opposite theory", when everyone goes with 5-8 cm hair wing flies in earthy colors, it can be incredibly toxic to come up with a small hot orange flashwing on slow salmon.
Recommended tube is Hot Orange as a hook guide.

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SG's Orange Flashwing

6.39 USD

Guideline HA Bearfarm Fluo 9cm is a salmon tube fly and part of a fly series designed and tested by renewed angler and fishing guide Hajas Andersson. Distributed exclusively by Guideline.

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HA Bearfarm Fluo 9cm

6.39 USD

The Yellow Con-Trolla is a fly for all water conditions. This fly will produce results from the very start of the season right until the last day.

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6.39 USD

Solid and practical bulk storage for Shooting Heads and accessories. Made from strong nylon fabric with mesh pockets inside.

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Shooting Head Pack

54.99 USD

A new, tough, bag for storing your reels, lines, fly boxes, tippet spools and other accessories.

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99.99 USD

A practical storage for a full set of Heads for one line size.This wallet has a three section fold-out design and is fittedwith 6 individual pockets that can hold one or two Headsdepending on line size and length.

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Mesh Wallet Shooting Heads

23.49 USD

The Experience DW (Deep Wading) Vest is the minimalists dream, packed with clever solutions. Pockets can be adjusted vertically, and the vest is a one-size fits all design.

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Experience DW Vest

159.99 USD

Halo fly reels has class leading qualities in all aspects: Smooth breaking system, full rim cage and models to cover all types of fly fishing.

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Halo Sapphire Blue

309.99 USD

Vosso is the most exclusive series of fly reels in our range. Featuring high-end materials and a braking system that handles all fishing situations, no matter how demanding, whether you are chasing migratory freshwater fish or hard-fighting saltwater species.

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Vosso Glossy Slate Black

529.99 USD

This hooks has the shape of our regular tubehook, but with a even stronger wire.

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Treble X-Strong

15.99 USD

Practical and handy light weight carbon wading staff that will extend automatically when taken out of the pouch. Non-strech inner cord locks the staff in extended mode to secure the joints.

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Foldable Carbon Wading Staff

109.99 USD

Our favourite for salmon fishing, comfy grips and practical.

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Forceps - Salmon

19.99 USD

Guideline Tube Slim fly boxes are perfect when you don't want to carry more than necessary, or if you want to have several boxes for different rivers, water level, etc.

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Tube Slim

9.39 USD

Non magnetic for up to 8 rods. Fits all vehicles - Aluminium, Steel, Plastic. Holds up to 8 rods. Soft suction bases that will not harm the surface.

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Vac-Rac Standard Professional

262.46 USD

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Since 1993, knowledge and passion have been reflected in each of our products. We are dedicated to meet the high expectations of the modern fly angler with lesser impact on nature, while giving rise to everlasting moments by the water.

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