Egor+ FC Leaders

Egor+ FC Leaders 2X (slide 1 of 1)

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Extruded from the highest quality Japanese fluorocarbon available.

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Direct on site quality control ensures extraordinary precision and unparalleled turnover for the most demanding angler. Butt/tippet ratio promotes superb presentations and allows for increased tippet length when needed. The material has a clear tint for low visibility.

High knot strength and abrasion resistance are the trademarks of EGOR+ tippet and leaders. A protective UV resistant, waterproof packaging ensures that the product is of maximum strength when purchased. EGOR is available in 9’ lengths, ranging from 5X-0X (0,128mm – 0,285mm), 0,33 mm, 0,37 mm and 0,39 mm.
Size Guide
5X0.148 mm1.64 kg
4X0.185 mm2.84 kg
3X0.205 mm3.43 kg
2X0.235 mm4.44 kg
1X0.26 mm5.14 kg
0X0.285 mm6.6 kg
01X0.33 mm8.17 kg
02X0.37 mm10.19 kg
03X0.405 mm11.59 kg

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