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GL Tippet Rings 3mm (slide 1 of 1)

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Tippet rings extend the life of your tapered leader and make a stronger connection when you use different materials for leader and tippet. It's also a fast and flexible solution.

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Guideline Tippet rings are manufactured in Japan by leading manufacturer of premium hooks. These rings have a smooth surface and no sharp edges. The rings come in black nickel finish for minimum glare and maximum stealth. One pack contains 10 rings on a snap Lock swivel that makes tie on/off secure and easy.

Tippet Rings are small, very strong and lightweight. The additional weight a 2,0mm ring represent has no impact on the drift- or floatability when fishing dry flies. Rings are also very practical for Euro Nymphing and Lough Style fishing, adding droppers or indicators is very easy with the ring as a base for the dropper. And you can adjust dropper length with a new piece of tippet material fast and secure.

ø 2,0mm - 12kg/26 lbs - Trout
ø 3,0mm - 19kg/42 lbs - Sea Trout/Steelhead
ø 4,0mm - 24kg/53 lbs - Salmon/Predator

Tip: Fasten the swivel to your pin-on-reel or retractor for handy storage. Tie the leader onto the top ring on the swivel, open swivel and slide ring off.

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