Coyote Grisen

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Guideline likes to hang around in social media and every now and then there comes some great inspiration.

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The Coyote Grisen was spotted on insta from Peter V. Jensen’s profile, a skilled Danish flytier. We liked it so much that we just had to add it to the range. The fly is tied with a mix of possum and fox, brushed well and is unweighted to be fished at shallow water with perfect balance. Originally antennas were coyote (hence the name) we use fox. This kind of fly is a super all-round pattern that will work well year around, the nice subtle colors mimic those shrimps found along the beach just perfect.

Those subtle colored shrimp patterns are a must in the coastal fly anglers box, and are especially good in clear water and on bright days. They can of course be fished as a single fly at the end of the leader, and then mimics shrimp in a very good way. But they can also be used as a dropper some 50 - 70 cm above the end fly. The unweighted construction of the Coyote Grisen is then a positive thing as it do not add extra weight to the rig. For those two-fly-rigs we recommend to choose totally different patterns, and with a subtle shrimp as a dropper use something bright and visible as the point fly as it will draw fish from a greater distance.

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