Blue Charm

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A great all-rounder, especially for fishing in daylight. A must have for clear rivers and low water.

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Blue Charm is one of the most popular Salmon flies ever. This fly came as an result of requests for making salmon flies less complicated, a lot of fishermen were tired of the typical posh Victorian patterns with like feathers from 50+ birds that most where endangered.

A.H Wood which is recognized as the father of floating lines is credited this pattern and the pattern appear in Kelson's book "The Salmon Fly". The hair wing fly that is featured here is a more modern variant originally tied in the 1950's by John Reidpath of Inverness.

Theoretically, blue flies appear more attractive in the blue light of the early morning. We found this pattern to be a real all-rounder. Daytime fishing in a clear western river or evenings in the far north.. This fly is a real killer and one of the best low water patters there is.

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