The general warranty period for our products is 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty covers only material and / or manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover normal wear or damage caused by accidents, misuse, negligence or natural wear and tear of colors and materials for a prolonged period. The right of complaint is regulated in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Purchase Act. If a Guideline product turns out to be defective or otherwise has defects or faults, we of course want to help you.


There are two ways you can ship the item:


1. If you have purchased the product on our website, please go to "My Page" and follow the instructions on how to return an item.
2. If you have purchased the product from one of our retailers, please contact the store where you purchased the product. 


Guideline will assess the damage, repair or replace the product in according to the consumer law. Proof of purchase/receipt must be attached to the warranty claim. 






If you are looking for exploded views of Guideline fly reels or want to change the retrieve direction of a current fly reel model check this link >>>



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The NT11 & NT8 rod series comes with a 25-year original owner warranty. This warranty covers faults in material and/or workmanship. During the warranty period (from the date of purchase) you will be entitled to the repair or replacement (at our discretion) of damaged or defective sections of your rod. If the rod model is discontinued and/or we are unable to repair or replace a rod section, we will replace your rod with a comparable rod model (at our discretion). A handling fee of €75 that covers repair/replacement, handling and return postage, will be chargeable for all claims made under the 25 year warranty. Please ensure you retain proof of purchase as this will be requested upon making a claim under this warranty. The warranty is in addition to and does not affect or reduce the owner’s statutory rights in accordance with applicable consumer legislation.

At Guideline we take customer service very serious. Our goal is to be among the fastest companies in the industry to solve warranty claims and other customer support issues. Please note that a copy of proof of purchase/recipe MUST be attached to each warranty/service matter.



We know how frustrating it is when the worst happens and you by accident break a rod, or your buddy stepped on your rod or slammed it in a car door. When you buy a Guideline rod, you are covered by our I-Express service. If you are unlucky and the accident happens, we will do our best to help you and replace the rod piece as quickly as possible. How does it work? Bring the rod to your nearest Guideline dealer to show off the broken rod and order a new piece. Payment is made directly to the dealer. We will then send a new rod piece to the dealer without delay if we have part it in stock. Reaction rods must be sent complete with rod tube and cloth before we can replace it.


I will order a spare part for a rod, but how should I name it to get the right part?

When ordering spare parts please ALWAYS COUNT FROM THE TOP END of the rod.
A 4-piece rod will be described like this: PART1/TIP, PART2, PART3, PART4/BUTT.



Rod Parts





Rod series Single Hand Double Hand Single Hand Double Hand
Reaction FRS 165 215 135 175
NT11 - NT8 - Fario NT8 75 75 75 75
LXi - LXi T-pac 80 85 60 65
All LPX rod - RSi - RS V2 75 80 55 60
Fario CRS/Classic - LPXe - ULS Hybrid 70 75 50 55
Elevation - Elevate - Exceed 55 65 40 50
Stoked - EXP4 - EXP5 - LPs - Kit rods 50 60 35 45
SPIN LPXe - Expedition - 60 - 45
+ Extra for butt parts 10 10 10 10

* Spare parts for Switch rods have the same rate as double hand spare parts. 



Common questions


A ferrule on my rod looks cracked, is it serious, and how do I avoid it?

This is one of our most common questions and it is the result of the rod parts not being properly assembled and sliding apart. Always check regularly during your fishing that the rods fit together properly. If you see that one of the rod parts starts to turn, then they have started to lose grip, adjust the parts immediately. The injury can often look worse than it is, but if there has not been a crack in the female ferrule, there is no major cause for concern. Here's how to check if the ferrule itself is cracked or not: Put the rod together, put your hand on the ferrule, swing the rod back and forth. If the ferrule is loose or if a clicking sound is heard from the ferrule, then it is cracked. If nothing is heard or felt, then just continue fishing with a rod, if you do not want to buy a new part. A tip to prevent the ferrules from slipping apart is to apply wax from an ordinary candle on the male ferrule to get a better grip.


I get wet on both legs after a while of wading, are my waders leaking?

If you get wet on both legs or feet at about the same time, it is in most cases condensation. Condensation occurs more quickly with large temperature changes, if it is hot in the air but cold in the water. Before contacting us or your dealer, you should turn your waders in and out and fill with water to locate any leaks. A leakage can easily be fixed with Aquasure from the inside.