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Guideline Double Hand Fly Rods

Guideline continue to be a pioneer in the development of modern salmon fishing which most of us know as the Scandinavian style or just Scandi. Our rods are optimized for the Scandinavian casting- and fishing style with short- and medium long casting strokes. A style that is much more effortless hour after hour along the river. We put great efforts in designing rods that suits all kinds of line densities. This demand a lot of the rod design and this quality is a benchmark of Guideline Switch and Double Hand Rods. In short, we strive to make salmon fishing easy and effective.

NT8 Features the very latest in Nano-Tube reinforcement technology. The rods have premium cork quality, light weight and medium fast action with a remarkable recovery speed. NT8 rods come as 5 piece in single hand and 6 piece in double hand. LPXe is our most iconic series and have been with us almost from the very beginning. The series was totally redesigned in 2017 and consist of single, switch and double hand rods with a typical three quarter deep action. Elevation rods utilizes the very latest in material and pattern technology, as well as featuring several more environmentally friendly components. These rods are revolutionary, super light and has a smooth medium fast action designed for anglers at all levels. Guideline Stoked bring entry level double hand fly rods to a new dimension of performance. Features eco-friendly components and the latest in materials and production technology.

ECO Friendly

All business activities affect nature to some extent. Our environmental vision is: “Clean All the Way”, which means minimal environmental impact from our business as possible. We believe that taking small steps in the right direction has an impact for the better and work consciously with this without jeopardising the quality of the product. For fly rods we have attributes to show where measures are taken and these are:

Lead-free, means that guides and metalwork on the rod dont contain chrome that has a high level of lead. GL ECO-Tech ™ is our technology that does not give waste or harmful dust in the production of the rod blank. Low Toxic Resins: Glues and varnish on the rods have a very low content of harmful substances. PVC-Free Rod tubes are used on the LPX Coastal, Elevation and Stoked, these tubes are recyclable and have the lowest possible diameter to reduce the volume when transporting as much as possible = less carbon footprint. Recycled materials in cover on rod tubes and rod bag are made of recycled polyester (Elevation/LPX Coastal) or eco-cotton (Stoked from 2021).

Elevation Double Hand Rods
From 429.90 EUR
Elevation T-PAC Double Hand Rods
From 515.00 EUR
LPX Chrome Double Hand
From 730.01 EUR
LPX Chrome 6-PC Double Hand
From 780.00 EUR
NT8:4 Double Hand Rods
From 910.00 EUR
NT8:6 6pc Double Hand Rods
From 955.00 EUR
Stoked DH Double Hand Rods
From 339.00 EUR