Håkan Norling's favorite flies

The fish is only interested in one thing, and that’s the fly, of course!


It also comes down to presenting the fly to the fish in a interesting way. It’s essential to choose the right line, according to the water temperature, color, speed of the current and the year of the time. When we talk about the size of the fly, it also comes down to those factors. I think the color of the fly is important. You can always speculate however the fish sees color or not, but I have been in too many situations when switching the fly and the color has resulted in a bite.


The color scheme I’m holding on to ranges from dark to light, with the orientation towards brown, black, orange and gold colors. Like variants of Bhatakorva, Willie Gun and The Usual (light and dark). Micke Andersson’s ”Banana” is a modern classic which I will gladly use in different shades and sizes for my fishing. For the Norwegian fishing I will add a brighter pattern, like Silver Grey, and also a green/black variant. For last, the Francis fly is a good pattern which irritates the fish, and I am since a couple years back a big fan of different ”sprout flies”.


– Håkan Norling

TD Bhatakorva
8.59 EUR
Willie Gun 6cm
8.59 EUR
Banana Fly
8.59 EUR
Frances Cone Brass Red
7.59 EUR