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Belly Boats

There is always that spot in the lake where you dream of tossing your fly, like the super interesting piece of reed that you almost can be sure that your dream fish is lurking around. A boat might do the trick, but many times there are factors that hinders you from bringing a boat. Hence why an inflatable Float Tube is the perfect tool. You can easily bring it with you deep into the woods on longer walks, and to waters that a boat would be impossible. It is super versatile and light weight, and also packable when deflated and can be carried as a backpack when inflated.


The Guideline Drifter has been with us for long, and recieved upgrades through the years. It is a high-floating, stable pontoon boat with good comfort and security. To stay dry inside the Drifter, you keep your waders on, and to power the boat, you simply use ur legs while wearing fins. This ensures you always have both hands available for fishing. There are generous storage in the belly boat on both sides for all your fishing accessories and in the front you can store an extra rod or a waterproof bag.


We also sell double-action pumps for easy and quick inflation of the float tubes.

Please read security instructions further down on this page. 


Drifter Combo
379.99 EUR
Drifter Evolution
489.99 EUR
Drifter Fins
64.99 EUR
Drifter Kickboat
379.99 EUR
Pump Double Action
22.99 EUR




Drifter and Drifter Evolution (with oars) are high-floating, stable pontoon boats made for fly fishing in small to medium still water lakes. Both models have floatation devices in both the seat and the backrest which gives good security, small pack volume and great comfort while fishing. In addition, each of the two bladders have double air compartments for floatation and extra safety. 


1x Drifter outer cover w seat & backrest 
1x Stripping apron w tube
1x Back rest tube w cover
2x Air bladders
1x Seat bladder
1x Back bladder

2x Backpack carrying straps
(2x oars - Drifter Evolution only)
(1x rolltop backpack - Drifter Evolution only)



•    Always wear an approved personal flotation device when using  your Drifter! 
•    Check and follow local laws and recommendations concerning security, safety, fishing regulations and areas of use. 
•    The Drifter is a personal recreational watercraft and not a boat. It is intended for use in still waters only and in close proximity to the shore. 
•    Never use your Drifter in moving waters, and pay very close attention when in use on lakes and large waterways.
•    Never use your Drifter alone.
•    Always check your Drifter´s air bladders, outer cover and stitching for possible damage before use, and never use your Drifter if you suspect any damages on this areas.
•    Never over inflate your Drifter, and do not use the Drifter without both bladders fully inflated.
•    Max loading capacity: 140kg. 



•    Do not store your Drifter in direct sunlight.
•    If you are leaving your Drifter out in the sun for any amount of time, be aware that the heat can increase the pressure inside the Air Bladders to a dangerous level. Let some of the air out of the Bladders if it will be out of the water in the sun for any length of time, or if it is stored in a vehicle, etc.
•    A gain in altitude will increase the pressure in the Bladders also. If you are taking your inflated Drifter from a low elevation to a high elevation, be sure to let some of the air out. Also an increase in temperature (cold morning, hot day) can also make the pressure rise.
•    For short term storage, we recommend you let some of the air out of your Drifter.
•    For long term storage, we recommend you make sure your Drifter is completely dry and deflated and stored out of the sunlight in a cool, dry area.


  • First unpack your new Drifter and make sure all components are included in the package and without damage. 
  • Start by inflating the seat & back-rest bladders and install them in their compartments, and close the zippers. The seat bladder has a circular cell structure, the backrest has a parallell cell structure.  
  • The Drifter valves are one-way type, so even if the plastic valve cap is unscrewed the valve will not allow air to escape. To deflate the bladders, unscrew the lower part of the valve all the way out and the air will disappear. When using the Drifter, always keep the plastic valve cap mounted to keep water and dirt out of the valve.

Please note that the valves are numbered like this: 
Valve 1 - security air chamber (located inside main air chamber) 
Valve 2 - main air chamber 

  • When you pump up your Drifter for the first time, the pontoons have a tendency to twist. Pump carefully and when the bladders are filled to about 70% make sure that the valves are centered in each hole and that the bladders are unfolded and extends all the way into the tip of the pontoon covers. 
  • Do not fill valve 1 to max and then valve 2 to max. Fill Valve 1, the security chamber, until it is firm but not hard. Most of the air is then pumped into Valve 2, which is the main main chamber. Do not fill the bladders with more air than you can push your finger about 1 cm down into the pontoon.