The combination of competitive price and good performance has given our glasses many followers. Photo chromic lenses change the amount of light entering your eyes depending on the light conditions around you. In other words, perfect for fishing! Most of our glasses have 1.1 mm polarized, scratch-resistant vinyl lenses that off er a nice balance between polarizing effect and the amount of light allowed to enter the eye. All glasses come in protective hard case with cleaning cloth and neoprene neck strap.

Bandit, Viper and Paragon is our Premium Quality fishing glasses offer french BNL Evolve Polarized, Photochromatic and Polycarbonate lenses with Anti- Reflex and Oleophobic (water- and dirt repellent) treatments. There are a stunning total of 11 different layers in the build up of these advanced lenses. The frames are manufactured in Italy, where the final assembly of the glasses also is made. Outstanding optical clarity with minimum distortion and highest UV protection ensure great protection, stylish looks and unobstructed vision for both fishing and other outdoor activities.

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Neck Band
8.99 EUR
Neck Cord
5.99 EUR
Paragon Grey Lens & Black Frame
59.60 EUR
149.00 EUR
RRP 149.00 EUR
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